Delaney Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in Sydney CBD practising solely in the areas of Family Law, Domestic Relationships and Family Provisions Act. The firm offers a combined 80 years of legal experience in our areas of practice.

The philosophy of the partners is to provide high quality legal service to their clients to minimise both financial and emotional costs.

Family and Domestic Law involves a wide range of diverse issues including international child abduction, paternity disputes, child support, domestic violence, residence and contact issues, tax, CGT, stamp duty, property settlement, corporate structures, trusts, asset redistribution and a host of related problems. The field of practice demands lawyers who are both experienced and sensitive to the needs of their clients. We believe Delaney Lawyers has achieve the balance and, coupled with a high level of specialisation in the area, is also to produce just and equitable results without undue acrimony.

Our client base is built entirely around referral from current and former clients, members of the judiciary, fellow members of the legal profession and accountants.

Given our experience within the area of Family Law, Delaney Lawyers enjoys a strong working relationship with many other Family Law practices, both in New South Wales and interstate.

Apart from the strong links we have with other members of the legal profession, Delaney Lawyers also has well established links with various firms of accountants specialising in the area of Family Law, real estate valuers and other experts practising within the jurisdiction. Importantly for the clients, Delaney Lawyers has a strong professional relationship with leading Counsel practising in the jurisdiction established during many years of cooperative and reputable practice.

The primary focus of Delaney Lawyers is the efficient and amicable resolution of matters in dispute, whether they relate to parenting orders, financial settlement or child support.

In keeping with the Family Court’s focus on early resolution, Delaney Lawyers endeavour to achieve negotiated settlements (based on proper disclosure) in all matters. Sometimes, however, that cannot be achieved (or can only be achieved through litigation). Whether before or during the course of litigation, we have developed a commitment to negotiate either directly with out opponents or through mediation.

If required, however, we are more than prepared for the rigours of contested litigation from the Local Court through to High Court appeals when necessary.